User Access Reviews

No one likes user audit reviews! I can hear the groans already…

This usually involves a mad panic, rushing around the office trying to find out what systems the company uses (unless your on top of it like this), who owns / manages these systems, followed by a quickly mocked up spreadsheet emailed to the nominated sucker asking for a list of all their users.

This however is not the case with clrHorizon System Management.

As we have already a master list of all our Systems logged and tracked within clrHorizon, and a list of current users against these systems (kept up to date with communications to the Risk Team from HR inline with our Transfers, Leavers and Starters Policy) all I need to do it to run a simple report and send it out to the System Owners via an approval process.

Any updates (additions / removals) are managed through Chatter before the System is finally signed off as complete.