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World-Class Risk & Compliance Management Solution for Salesforce


Validate and check that all the controls you have in place actually work through compliance assurance checklists.

Compliance Management

Break down your regulatory and contractual obligations into discrete actions that can be assigned and monitored through interactive dashboards.

Operational Risk

Drill down into each business area and identify where you are exposed, then categorise and mitigate potential risks.

Legal & Corporate

Set up your corporate structure and track all your legal and corporate-level correspondence with regulators.

Manage your licence requirements, and statutory and regulatory reporting from one system.


Keep a track of all your incidents, complaints and breaches.

Use the data to highlight key business risks and implement change management.

IT Risk Management

Track all the systems that your company uses through regular user access reviews and vendor contract renewals.

Ensure you remain compliant and that your IT risk is effectively managed.

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Implement Compliance By Design


Determine Obligations

Understand your obligations and identify the scope of work you need to perform as part of your organisations compliance framework.


Design Controls

Design your control framework based on identified risks and control performance. Identify new or improved controls through your evolving control framework to reduce risk.


Implement controls and monitor performance

Implement controls with proactive monitoring and performance management through scheduled control audits, assurance activities and oversight of new registers.

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Fully integrated

"I love the way the system helps me keep on top of all my obligations directly from within my Salesforce operations system."

Troy Aarts
Director, AgroSystems
One CompreheNsive Platform

clrHorizon Gives You
Complete Control & Oversight in
One Integrated Platform

Obligation Compliance

Compliance obligations from external sources such as regulations, supply contracts, licenses and guidelines.

Risk Management

Operational or Project risks with ratings covering inherent, residual and actual (based on actual incidents).

Control Management

Controls with best practice three lines of defence. Delegation of control ownership with proactive workflow and reminders for actions, compliance surveys, audits and attestations.

Lifecycle Management

Manage obligations, risks and controls through their full lifecycle (draft, proposed, approved, retired).

Register Management

Comprehensive registers covering Incidents, Breaches, Complaints, Fraud, Gifts, Hardship, Legal Matters, Regulator Contact and Write Offs. You can also easily create your own custom registers.

Automated Approvals

Fully auditable and customisable approvals for important record changes throughout the system.

Assurance Activities

Create assurance activities for controls and schedule when required to be completed.

Audit Projects

Track both internal and external audits, their findings and actions through to completion.

Audit Findings

Record findings of both Internal and External audits to business controls for design effectiveness.

Risk Projects

Track and report on the status of all risk and projects relating to risk and compliance.

Compliance Training

Build compliance training plans and track completion as well the status of individuals' required Professional Development Points.

Policies & Procedures

Keep an up to date catalogue of all policies and procedures related to controls. Includes version control, shareable links and document approvals.

Risk Catagories

clrHorizon comes with pre-defined risk categories for organisation-wide risk reporting, or you can create your own.

Business Unit Management

Setup and manage your risk and compliance framework by business unit, including reports, dashboards and risk heat maps.

Contacts & Licenses

Track business critical licenses, insurances and contracts with automated review or renewal reminders.

Reports & Dashboards

Powerful reporting and dashboards including the ability for users to easily create their own.

Systems Cataloging

Catalogue all systems and system owners with risk ratings (for example, high risk systems without centralised user access controls).

User Access Reviews

Automatic reminders for system owners to complete regular compliance reviews on user access.

Risk Heat Mapping

Five by Five risk heat mapping, with the ability filter and customise views displayed by any criteria including by business unit, status, inherent, residual or actual risk, and more.

Continuity Planning

Capture your Business Continuity Plans including critical systems, functions, people and activities to ensure your business is prepared for that unexpected event.

Document Approvals

The ability for documents including marketing material, PDS, FSG, Policies, and so on to be queued for review and approval. All approvals are tracked and fully auditable.

Responsible Persons

Track responsible persons and their required activities for license requirements compliance.

Signatories & Authorisations

Track signatories and authorisations lists for the organisation in its relevant market, including bank signatories and entity signatories.

Action Planning

Generate and assign action plans with due dates based on incidents. clrHorizon allows for automatic creation of critical actions.


Simple Role Based Pricing

clrHorizon offers role-based pricing, making it simple and affordable to implement across businesses of all sizes with any number of locations, teams and subsidiary operations.

Compliance & Risk Officers

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Operational Risk Management
Compliance Management
IT Risk Management
Projects & Training Management
Legal & Corporate Management


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Risk & Control Management
Obligation Management
Incident & Action Management
Risk Reporting & Dashboards
Risk Projects & Audits


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Incident & Breach Management
Assigned Action Management
Attestations & Approvals
Mobile & Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Integrated Risk Management?

Integrated Risk Management means your risk and compliance system is not siloed from your business systems.

clrHorizon is built on the world’s leading business platform, means you can have a 360 degree view of your risk and compliance data fully integrated with your existing business processes and visible and reportable alongside your customer, supplier or partner data. Not only that but the platform your business users are using everyday is now also their risk and compliance system allowing ownership and activities to be assigned directly either automatically or manually.

What is Evidence Based Risk Management?

Evidence based risk management is the fundamental shift away from the common risk and compliance failure of stating that something is compliant versus being able to show with evidence that it is compliant. clrHorizon is built on the philosophy of Evidence Based Risk Management.

How can I implement crHorizon?

The first step is to talk to us! We are super friendly and helpful. Generally the first thing we like to do with you is to understand your key problem statement i.e. what’s the big organisational problem you want solved and what would success look like for you and your organisation once it’s solved.

Do I need an existing Salesforce license?

You can use clrHorizon without already having a Salesforce license or using already in your organisation as clrHorizon can be installed as a standalone Salesforce app from the appexchange.

However, if you do already use Salesforce extensively in your organisation you can take full advantage of a completely integrated risk and compliance system alongside your existing organisational processes and data in Salesforce.

Is the system customisable?

The answer is YES VERY. We have built clrHorizon on the most secure, upgradeable and customisable business platform in the world - Say goodbye to long timeframes and big costs to add a field or change a workflow etc and say hello to a risk and compliance system that can be fully integrated with your organisational processes and keep pace with changing demands.

How secure is clrHorizon? has an unbeatable security record globally, and publish detailed information on their security credentials on

We also offer a Salesforce Technology Risk & Compliance framework, included with clrHorizon for customers using this platform extensively. This includes regulations, obligations, risks, controls, risk projects and training plans to get you started.